Engagement rings

What size?

It is best to measure the finger on which the ring will be worn, using specialized measuring tool, then there is no risk of confusion. But this is not always possible, especially for engagement rings that are supposed to be a surprise.

In this situation it is good to know:

- the most popular size of women’s engagement ring and wedding band is 13 , but unfortunatelly there are no rules in here.

- we use typical ring sizes based on diameter or circumference of the finger. We offer standard ring sizes 10 to 18. In case of non standard sizes please contact us to determine price and delivery time.

- customarily an engagement ring should be worn on the right hand ring finger.

- neither the diameter nor circumference is a size, but based on them, you can specify the size (see the ring sizes chart)

Ring sizes - CHART

IMPORTANT! Please bear in mind that home made measurements are never going to be precize and you cannot rely on them 100%. In order to find out the correct size it is adviced to measure the finger on which the ring will be worn, using specialized measuring tool.

- each finger on each hand is different and if you measure the diameter of another ring to determine the size, it must be a ring from the finger on which engagement ring will be worn.

Exchange ring size

We offer our customers possibility to exchange the ring size within 30 days from date of purchase free of charge. Therefore, buying an engagement ring you do not have to worry if the size you have chosen is correct.

In case the ring does not fit, please contact us. We will order you free courier to send the ring back to us and replace it with the correct size. (Applies only to rings made ​​of gold with precious stones.)

It may happen that a ring was already used for some time (or we do not have the needed size at the moment), then it is possible to have the ring resized by our specialist goldsmith. This also may be necessary in the case of non standard sizes. The first resizing is free of charge (Applies only to rings made ​​of gold with precious stones.), except for sizes above 18. Then the cost of changing the size is determined individually for each model.

Note! In case of custom made rings it is impossible to exchange the ring size and only resize by our specialist goldsmith is possible. However, only if the construction of the ring allows the resize!


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