Ring sizes - CHART

How to define a ring size?

1. Measure the diameter of any other ring that fits a given finger. Read out the ring size that matches the diameter.

2.Measure a finger’s circumference. Read out the size matching the circumference.

Please remember that ring sizes are measured up to 1/10 of millimeter. So the difference between two adjacent sizes might be so small that insignificant and be in the measurement – ballpark.

Ring sizes
sizes UK
sizes USA
Inside diameter
in millimeters
Inside circumference
in millimeters
5G14.30 mm45 mm
6H 14.60 mm46 mm
7415.00 mm47 mm
815.30 mm48 mm
9J 15.60 mm49 mm
10K15.90 mm50 mm
11L 16.20 mm51 mm
12616.50 mm52 mm
1316.80 mm53 mm
14N 17.20 mm54 mm
15O17.50 mm55 mm
1617.80 mm56 mm
17818.10 mm57 mm
18Q 18.40 mm58 mm
19R 18.80 mm59 mm
20S19.10 mm60 mm
2119.40 mm61 mm
221019.70 mm62 mm
23U10¼20.00 mm63 mm
24V 20.30 mm64 mm
251120.60 mm65 mm
2611½21.00 mm66 mm
271221.30 mm67 mm
28Y 21.60 mm68 mm
29 22.00 mm69 mm
30 1322.30 mm70 mm
31Z+213½22.60 mm71 mm


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